Tuesday, August 23, 2011


should i admit that i'm damn lonely, staying up late and sometimes skipped my bed

all those thoughts, will it remain as junks

is it worth to speak out all? not really isnt it.

im not that loud. or shall i admit i'm out of vocab? but yes my english is just band 3.

i get enough food every day. do i really appreciate?

remaining unproductive these days..letting the night pass by.. how little i grasp the opportunity of lailatul qadr..

do they know what i am, right here, right now? of course not


i remembered. He always near. just call the Names and he shall grant us security of souls, which is calm. :)

now i realized, i have no calm most time being alone. =)

but what happened with the past i wasted?

shall i be punished for being such a stone? i was born not to become just statue, or zoo animal. now i remembered.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
 Ya latifu ultuf bina

**the high quality version sounds veeery good. :) Sami Yusuf - "Asma Allah"


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