Thursday, February 17, 2011

Suspending Warcraft III

         Since this is the final semester, I've been decided to reduce my leisure time. What I mean here is the time I spend playing DoTA in average of four hours a day. Quite much to waste for playing isn't it? So the idea is to remove the game from my pc for a while. However it doesn't really work. I broke the suspension that I made myself twice. The war is visible in my sleep, without my intention to imagine the game myself. It's like when a person fall in love with someone and dreaming of their love before sleeping.
         I tried to apply new time management method, which I record what I do for the whole 24 hours, especially non-routine activity. However this require a lot of practice! Today I'm going to try it again. Hm. It's hard to change habit.

Look, Goblin Techies made 104 killing spree vs 5 Ai's'. Insane bomber. Hehe.. Its only middle lane mode. I'm quite a bully. XD

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