Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to: Hiding Page Elements

I don't like to mess my page with too much page elements. It's kinda messy for me. So i would like to hide some page elements to make my page simpler. If i could, i want to make my page fit to screen the screen, because i'm tired of scrolling down the page. XP

My desired page layout.

Okay let's learn how to hide them

Code to hide the page element is as follows:

Step #1 : Make template backup.

Step #2 : Find the widget id.

Find the widget ids in the section. For example , if u want to hide your profile, find the profile page element codes :

Step #3 : Copy the widget id and replace it with widget_id below.


#widget_id {


#Profile1 {

Step #4 : Then paste the hide code right above

 Thanks to Mr. Google and TipsforBloggers.


kaizen said...

i like...
tp ak nk edit dlu template....

Arepeace@ M.H.B said...

like2..sume tmplate ley watcm2 ke?

scratcher said...

boleh je.. yg penat nya nak carik widget id tu.. tp klu dah terjumpa template yg terbaik kat x payah susah2 hide2 widget lg.. mcm layout yg ak pakai skang..

kaizen said...

ak tgh pilih2 lg template nih...
try n error....

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