Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sembang Bisnes #1 - "Tiny Showcase"

Petikan diambil dari sebuah buku rujukan bisnes. Tajuknya malas nak taip.

 Mereka dua orang. ^_^

Providence, Rhode Island, is becoming a showcase for up-and-coming artists, but you won't necessarily find their work in a gallery. Every Tuesday, Shea'la Finch and Jon Buonaccorsi display a new print of an original drawing or painting on their Website,, and sell 100 to 200 prints for $20 apiece. In three years, Tiny Showcase has given more than 100 artists an audience- the new site receives up to 10,000 visitors on a busy night-and has made art accessible with modest means.
Finch , 29, and Buonaccorsi, 30, were living together in 2005, trapped in office jobs they hated. To keep up morale, they left each other funny sketches on the fridge. Then Finch, who has an art degree from Bennington College, thought of putting their sketches a d other underexposed art online in limited editions. Buonaccorsi, a Web designer, created the site, limiting where their start-up cost to only a few hundred dollars. Revenue, which reached $250,000 in 2009, comes from a 20 percent commision on artists' sales, and the business became profitable quickly. But the two still depend on day jobs to pay the bills.

See how small business founders impact the business world as a whole..

Lepas baca artikel ni, cita-cita aku nak buat bisnes secara sambilan semakin meningkat. Tapi buat masa sekarang, aku nak asah bakat dululah. :) 


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